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Acessórios Estéticos

fio de amarrilho_biotorque_edited.png

Bio Torque

fio de amarrilho_biotorque_edited.png

Rolo de Amarrilho Estético para Contenção



Stop estético





*Ref. 400-414


Bracket Individual


*Ref. 283-001

botao e mola_edited.png

Amarrilhos Estéticos Simples

*Ref. 340-001+2

botao e mola_edited.png

Botão Argola

*Ref. 400-006

botao e mola_edited.png

Botão para Apinhamento

botao e mola_edited.png


NiTi Estética
*Ref. 341-030+2

NiTi Estética
*Ref. 341-030+2

posicionador bracket_edited.png
posicionador bracket_edited.png

de Bracket SlimClear

posicionador (2).webp

*Ref. 261-032


Tubo Estético
Simples com Gancho

Superior Dir. *Ref. 405-007

Inferior Dir. *Ref. 405-076

Superior Esq. *Ref. 405-075

Inferior Esq. *Ref. 405-074


Sputinik Duplo


*Ref. 261-021


Afastador Oclusal e Lateral
para Fotografia Intraoral

*Ref. 406-022

*Ref. 406-021


Política de troca de materiais

Toda a troca de braquetes autoligados SlimClear®, serão realizadas sem custo, desde que seja realizado dentro dos Princípios da Filosofia da Bioadaptação Transversal dos Maxilares e apresentando toda a sequência de fotos do caso clínico. As fotos deverão estar focadas e seguir o padrão de documentação ortodôntica, com a visualização perfeita dos segmentos frontal, laterais direito e esquerdo, oclusais superior e inferior.

Faça download do catálogo completo:

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Dúvidas Frequentes

Dúvidas sobre o tratamento?

  • Why do I need to use braces?
    Using braces is first and foremost a matter of health!. Crooked teeth are not just an aesthetic problem, when they are not correctly aligned the teeth are more difficult to brush, joining food remains that become bacterial plaque, which in addition to inflaming the gum (gingivitis) is constantly being ingested, causing bad breath. When these bacteria reach the bloodstream, they end up affecting other organs, which cause the body to start reacting against these bacteria, causing serious health problems.
  • But I've heard that wearing braces hurts!
    Depending on the technology of appliances your dentist is using, with the evolution of the technology of self-ligating esthetic appliances together with the esthetic orthodontic wires activated with the temperature of the mouth (which are what move the teeth), we can make treatments without pain.
  • Does braces treatment take several years?
    The treatment time also depends on the technology and application of the device. With the current biological knowledge of the movement of teeth and the supporting structures of the teeth, we can perform treatments, even those considered complex, in periods that vary from 2 to 12 months.
  • I don't want to wear these metallic gadgets.
    The technology used in SlimClear aesthetic self-ligating appliances and the aesthetic thread activated with the mouth temperature make the appliance practically invisible.
  • I'm not old enough to use braces.
    There is no age limit for using the device, children, teenagers and adults of any age can undergo treatment with the device and have excellent oral health with a beautiful smile.
  • They say I need to remove teeth for treatment.
    With the continuous technological development and the deepening of the knowledge of the biological responses of tooth movements with the use of the latest generation appliances, we can say that the removal of teeth is not necessary. Yes, we must preserve all teeth for normal and healthy function throughout life.
  • Device stains over time
    Actually, what stains are the famous rubbers that are used to hold the orthodontic wire in the bracket that is glued to the tooth. With the technology of self-ligating brackets, there is no need to use these rubbers. SlimClear aesthetic appliances are made with totally aesthetic materials, specially developed to not stain, regardless of the type of diet or habits that a person may have.
  • Do the wires get dark and ugly as the days go by?
    The new generation of Bio-Peek heat-activated orthodontic wires is made from a polymer called polyetheretherketane (PEEK) which was developed by the US space agency (NASA) and is widely used in medicine to make spinal prostheses. They are wires that release light forces, ideal for fast movements of dental structures. Because they have excellent biological compatibilities and are metal-free, they do not cause pain or allergies that inflame the gums. The perfect aesthetic of the Bio-Peek thread in conjunction with SlimClear is maintained throughout the treatment.
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