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Lingual Clip

The Lingual Clip System is an orthodontic technique that is easily applied by the professional, totally invisible and comfortable for the patient. Its main objective is to perform the alignment and leveling of the 6 upper and lower anterior teeth, using the bonding of aesthetic self-ligating brackets directly or indirectly on the canine to canine lingual face.

Kit Lingual Clip content:

6 Brackets: Lingual Clip

1 Arco Niti thermoactivated 0.012 ”

1 Arco Niti thermoactivated: 0.014 ”

1 Arco Niti thermoactivated: 0.016 ”

Treatment Indications

Patients with aesthetic requirements.

Crowding of the upper and / or lower anterior teeth.

Close small diastemas.

Patients with recurrence of orthodontic treatment.

Absence of posterior teeth.

Accentuated anterior overbite.

Benefits of Lingual Clip Treatment

Aesthetic and Invisible

In addition to being aesthetic, the Lingual Clip is glued to the lingual surface from canine to canine, ensuring total invisibility of the bracket.

clinical facility

The Lingual Clip is a self-ligating bracket without ports.

Comfortable for the Patient

With a small profile, the Lingual Clip does not disturb the patient's tongue. 

shorter chair time

Consultations of only 15 minutes.

faster treatment

Clinical results in a few months without the need for patient cooperation.

Affordable cost for professional and patient

With the reduction of clinical costs, the treatment becomes viable for the patient.


Indirect Bonding in 20 minutes

Simplified Lingual Orthodontic Treatment With 3D Digital Technology applied with Artificial Intelligence.

Indirect bonding in 3 steps:

1. Intra-oral scanning

2. Digital Planning

3. Clinical application on the patient.

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