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Indirect Digital Bonding

Held in 20 minutes.

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With the resources of 3D technology, ideal planning is carried out in the Bonding of Self-ligating Aesthetic Brackets, obtaining in addition to the Digital precision of the positioning of the brackets, a greater predictability of the ideal dentoalveolar movements for the correction of malocclusion.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The professional receives an Indirect Digital Bonding Guide specially customized to glue all the brackets in the exactly planned position in a few minutes. As a result, we have less chair time when installing the orthodontic appliance in both the upper and lower arches, greater comfort for the patient, less clinical return for the repositioning of brackets, less treatment time, and reduction of clinical costs, further potentiating orthodontic and financial results.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Researches carried out with professionals from different countries cite the incorrect positioning of brackets as one of the main reasons for delay and failure in otodontic treatments, resulting in increased costs of the clinical hour worked, material waste and patient dissatisfaction.

Submit and track your process

Know the procedure to send your materials to us.

Sending the form with clinical photographs.

Receipt of guides in your office.

Bonding the upper and lower guides in 20 minutes !

Systems Used:

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Practicality and less chair time for the patient.


bonding with greater precision in the positioning of tubes and brackets.


occlusal interference that may cause damage to brackets or teeth.


faster and with fewer consultations due to the correct initial positioning of brackets and tubes

Shorter time

Reducing the upper and lower bonding time to 20 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Really enjoyed. It was very easy to adapt to the system as a whole, it all starts with the ease of uploading the photos on the website, which is very well done, easy to use. I am informed of each step, from receiving the plaster mold to sending the guides. The guides arrive identified for me, the bonding is smooth, the patient is comfortable and I am more confident with the speed of the bonding. "

Dr. Gustavo Aurélio Vestina - CRO 100345

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