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The company Invisible Fast was founded in 1986 in Europe, initially with the name European Orthodontic Center by Dr. Alan Rodrigues, who implemented from the beginning the vision of Functional Occlusion applied with the best technology available to perform orthodontic treatments preserving the natural teeth of patients.

Starting a thorough process of gathering and analyzing clinical evidence consistently to confirm or refute many of the theories that have been applied in orthodontics until then.

With an increasing number of cases performed and analyzed to define where the prevailing scientific theory corresponded to clinical evidence. This led Dr. Alan Rodrigues to partner with the main professors and researchers in the world who were dedicated to developing the most varied types of orthodontic appliances, but which were often not supported by consistent amounts of clinical cases.

Then the need arose to start one of the first courses in Orthodontics in Europe with Functional Occlusion, which led to being appointed by Dr. Ronald Roth as representative for Portugal of Philosophy Roth-Williams for Functional Occlusion.

Period described by Dr. Alan Rodrigues as being the basis for the development of his Philosophy of Transverse Jaw Bioadaptation which aims to recover Functional Occlusion with self-ligating aesthetic Orthodontics and without invasive procedures.

For this it was necessary to create Self-ligating Aesthetic Brackets to meet all the specific functional needs of professionals and at the same time meet the growing demands of patients for aesthetics.

From this stage, Invisible Fast started a unique and pioneering process in the continuous search for technological evolution based on Clinical Evidence and confirmed by Tomographic images in order to improve the aesthetic self-ligating brackets, work demonstrated in 3 self-ligating orthodontic books.

Along with the evolution of self-ligating brackets applied by both the vestibular and lingual techniques, it became necessary to research and develop an aesthetic thread that could replace the thermoactivated NiTi aesthetic thread, which in addition to stripping can cause allergic reactions in some patients.

In 2017 Invisible Fast launches Bio-Peek, a thermoactivated wire of fully biocompatible aesthetic polymer, with all the ideal characteristics for orthodontic movement, a rectangular wire with the release of light forces on dentoalveolar structures, allowing torque control from the beginning treatment.

Thus, the first System in the world (brackets and wires) of self-ligating orthodontics, totally aesthetic, based on clinical cases treated and proven with tomographic images.

Still in 2017, but after 5 years of in-depth study to understand, develop and master Digital technology, the Invisible Fast team coordinated by Dr. Edison Willrich Sales and Dr. Fernando Ruiz Gregório implemented, through 3D Artificial Intelligence software, the diagnosis, planning and treatment of malocclusions within the same standards of excellence to achieve aesthetics and functional occlusion.

With the use of high-precision intraoral scanning, 3D printer and digital monitoring for remote treatment, it allows Invisible Fast to be recognized as one of the references in several countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Continents that we have treated patients by applying our digital technology through Artificial Intelligence.

With all the technology developed and the clinical and technological experience of our entire team of professionals, who are authors of clinical books and international professors who helped the development of Orthodontics in the world, we started from 2018 to apply our knowledge in the treatments with the invisible aligners.

Invisible Fast Aligners, is produced with an exclusive material ideally designed to be flexible enough to bring comfort to the patient while providing faster, safer tooth movement and without the constant problems of fractures of invisible braces frequently reported by professionals and patients .

Invisible Fast is the only company in the world that offers a team of expert teachers for guidance, training and consultancy to assist professionals in any questions they need to share.


Av. Ana Costa 79A cj 72

Vila Mathias - Santos / SP

CEP: 11060-001


Commercial: 11 976758424

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