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Invisible Aligners

Invisiblefast Aligners®

Patient care manual.

Your daily routine doesn't change, you just need to take some care.

What youshould notdo using the aligners?

❌​ Making meals using the aligner.


❌ Drink hot liquids using the aligner.


❌​ Fail to follow the professional  guidelines.

What youhe cando using the aligners?

✔️ ​Perform physical and everyday activities normally.


✔️​ Not only can you, but you should sleep with the aligner on.


✔️​ You must exchange aligners according to the professional guidance.

Care for the hygiene of the Aligners.


Wash only with cold running water. No need to use toothpaste. If necessary, use one without abrasives.


We recommend cleaning the aligner with a soft bristle brush, and preferably not the same one used daily to brush your teeth.


Avoid replacing the aligners without brushing your teeth correctly: the fact that they are removable is undoubtedly one of the best advantages of the aligner, however, be careful when replacing them.


Do not soak in mouthwash or hot water as this can damage the aligner material.

Avoid losing the Aligner. Store it in the orthodontic case when not in use.

Invisible Aligners are powered by Invisiblefast® Artificial Intelligence and designed by your dentist.
Any complications or doubts beyond the care of your Aligners described on this page should be directed to the dentist responsible for their treatment.

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