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Dentist, transform smiles with Invisible Fast®

Invisible Fast® Aligners have the best cost-benefit ratio on the market.

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See how easy it is to submit your first case for treatment with Invisible Aligners.


1st step

3D scan of the patient's arches.

To start a treatment with the AlignersInvisible Fast®, the first step is to request a 3D intraoral scan of the patient's arches in a radiological, in STL format.


2nd step

Submission of the clinical case to Invisible Fast®.

Once the scan has been completed, send the clinical case to the portal. If not, register on our website.


3rd step

Approval of the digital setup and clinical application.

After sending the case and starting production, the professional receives the 3D digital setup via e-mail, with a preview of the tooth movements. The professional must approve the setup, and wait for the Invisible Aligners to be delivered to the indicated address.

Offering treatment in your office means:

80% + profitability

Treatment with Invisible Aligners provides shorter treatment time for the patient and increased productivity for the professional.

70% - clinical cost

It is possible to predict tooth movements with planning through 3D technology software. Less chair time and complications in the office.

Be a professional partner and have exclusive benefits.

Access to the Invisible Fast® Invisible Aligners Marketing package.

Support from a team of specialized orthodontists.

And the shortest production time on the market, with the best cost-benefit.

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