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Marketing Content

Marketing is important for any type of business. It optimizes communication with your patient and adds value to your clinic.

Today, your patient first seeks information about the treatment on the internet, so be prepared with our marketing content and attract more patients to your clinic.

Remember: by using the material, you agree to our content reproduction guidelines and warrant responsible use of Invisible Fast branded images and videos.

Click on the folders to view the contents and download.

Content for print


- Flyer A5
- Banner 0.90m x 1.20m
- Folder 1 fold - 10x20cm

Content for social networks

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- Posts in 1:1 ratio
- Stories in 9:16 ratio
- Videos in 16:9 aspect ratio
- E-book - Aligners



- Clinical Photography Protocol
- Patient guide with aligners
- Tutorial Aligners

By using the available media you agree with our guidelines.

Use the provided images, videos and print materials responsibly and legally. The size of the images must be clearly legible and in the same resolution provided. Do not change size, make cuts or use any element of the media to create another. Except for subtly adding your own logo to the lower ends of the media provided. Your contact information may also be added.

Changing colors, visual appearance of our products or any other modification is also not allowed.


We are working to offer all kinds of material that help your business. So, if you need to, ask us more questions by email:

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